Montessori School Of Woodridge

Children Come First

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Children are our number one priority

In this setting, the child is offered a great deal of information and order, and more importantly, he/she remains an independent and free-thinking individual who learns by doing. It is the aim of our Montessori of Woodridge school to follow this philosophy.

Maria Montessori began a study of educational problems of handicapped children in 1899.

Dr. Montessori achieved amazing results,

and the children under her tutelage passed

the state examination in reading and writing

for normal children.  


Dr. Montessori concluded that similar methods

might also be successfully applied to younger,

normal children.


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of Maria Montessori

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Centuries-old philosophy

We are licensed by the

DCFS and certified by

the American

Montessori Society.

The Montessori philosophy

is based on trust and confidence in the child and

on an enriched environment

This philosophy makes developmentally appropriate materials available for

hands-on use and exploration under

the care and observation of a trained Montessori teacher.

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