Montessori School Of Woodridge

Children Come First

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Your child is our first priority

Our teachers have the same purpose in mind. We offer a beautiful and safe environment for your children. Our trained Montessori teachers have additional degrees in psychology, general studies, and associate degrees in child development.


We ask our parents to prepare their child for school. Read over our general guidelines and protocols in our comprehensive handbook.


Welcome, philosophy, administration, school and office hours, tuition, and classroom schedules.


School Supplies:

Clothes, naps, daily supplies, shoes, forms, registration, deposit fees paid, and commitment.

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This has always been our logo and

our goal. It is the power behind all

of our decisions.

The Montessori philosophy is based on trust and confidence in the child and on

an enriched environment

We stand by the

same handbook and philosophy we've

always followed.

Our team of dedicated teachers will do everything possible

to ensure your

child's success.

The children come first at Montessori of Woodridge

Full Handbook

Home and School:

Our commitment, Montessori at home, publicity, message center, conferences and records, extended day, musical instruments, field trips, and creative dramatics.


Illness and School Accident Policies:

Meds at school, when to keep your child home, outside and illness, accident and illness procedures and reports.



Learn more about our friendly and experienced staff.

General Guidelines:

Birthdays, discipline, fundraising, fire lane, weather, late pickups.